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Hello and welcome to our website!!! 

We are so very pleased that you have decided to drop in and browse through our information.  TS-USA is one of many Bigfoot/Forest People websites available on the internet for your viewing pleasure.  All of the Bigfoot/Forest People websites offer important pieces of the puzzle that we all need access to in order to better understand this mysterious and fascinating phenomena.  It’s your job to sort through the information and to find the necessary clues to help solve the Sasquatch mystery.  

Like all the other Bigfoot/Forest People websites, you’ll quickly come to understand that hundreds if not thousands of hours have been invested in the forests of North America over the years by the members of TS-USA to bring you our pictures, audio clips, and videos.  Not one individual or website has all the answers.  At present, there really is no Bigfoot expert.  We are all students of the Bigfoot/Forest People phenomena and we all have much more to learn.

Please enjoy our website.  Also, we would love to have you join us in our Team Squatchin USAFacebook Group.  Simply find us among the many other Bigfoot Facebook Groups and click the button to “Join” our group.  We have one of the largest Bigfoot Facebook Groups with Researchers, Habituators, Armchair Enthusiasts, Newbies, Lurkers, Moles, and Trolls.  You’ll find that we are one of the most friendly, respectful, and civil Bigfoot Facebook Groups on the internet today.

Big Hairy Hugs!!!

Dr Matthew A Johnson

              (“Dr J”)



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 (Please click on the three pictures above to watch or listen to more information about Dr Johnson’s Bigfoot encounter and research)

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(Derek Randles, “Dr J”, Cliff Barackman)                    (Cynthia Kreitzberg, Dr Meldrum, “Dr J”)                                (“Dr J” and Bob Gimlin)


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