Analysis of SOHA by Michael Beers and Gunnar Monson (November 16, 2013)

Posted by Matthew Johnson on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Analysis of SOHA by Michael Beers and Gunnar Monson (November 16, 2013)

Thanks to a friend, I stumbled across our Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA) in 2006.  I’ve been working the area for the past 7 years.  During the first 4 years, I was still utilizing aggressive “In your face” research methodologies.  3 years ago, I transitioned to utilizing Habituation methods (i.e., I left the High Tech Equipment at home and simply started “hanging out” with the Squatches).  

                                                                      SOHA View 


It took the SOHA Squatches 5 years before they started feeling comfortable enough to take the food that I had been faithfully leaving for them every night.

20131126_184428                    20131127_074304  


Over the past 7 years, I have brought many people up to SOHA who have either heard the Squatches, seen their tracks, seen their silhouettes and/or eyeshine, seen their handprints or fingerprints left behind on the vehicles or the Gifting Bowls, or have seen a Squatch.  When an individual is claiming that they’re experiencing the kind of success that I’m experiencing, it’s very important to have one’s Research/Habituation Area vetted/verified by others.  If the individual refuses to have their Research/Habituation Area vetted/verified by others, then their claims are questionable.  Although I’ve brought 20+ people to SOHA, their presence has not set back my successful interactions with the Squatches one iota.  The other individuals who refuse to have their Research/Habituation Areas vetted/verified by others out of fear that their presence will have a negative impact is unfounded.

            20131020_103437                                   PBJ & Jill DiMercurio           

           Bigfoot Family Foot Casts                           Casting a Bigfoot Track                  Karl, Dr J & Cynthia          Cynthia in SOHA                              SOHA16                                                SOHA9                                                                            SOHA59                                                                                                                 20131119_094023  

   20131118_084005             Fingerprint2


20131118_125332    20131118_083544   20131118_130651

             SOHA Hand Print                             SOHA Partial Palm Print

Bigfoot Cast2          Bigfoot Cast          Tree Peeker1 (Before)


          SOHA Tree Manipulation

     SOHA Stick Structure                 SOHA Tree Manipulation3



I’ve recorded the SOHA Squatches making all kinds of noises, including talking and singing.


I’ve even recorded them whispering my name, “Matt”, on three different occasions.


Finally, the beneficial thing about having one’s Bigfoot Research/Habituation Area vetted/verified by others is that there are several people’s opinions, experiences, and interpretations involved in determining whether or not the Bigfoot/Forest People are really present.  Please listen to what Michael Beers and Gunnar Monson have to say about their observations and experience while in SOHA.

        20131107_132101               20131017_112231

                             (“Dr J” and Michael Beers)                                                                (“Dr J” and Gunnar Monson)

There you have it!!!  SOHA has been vetted/verified by many people over the past 7 years.  The evidence that a Squatch family is living in SOHA is overwhelming and indisputable.  The bottom line is that I’ve experienced more success regarding increased visuals and interactions with the Squatches during the past 3 years of Habituation than I have during the first 10 years of aggressive “In Your Face” Research methods.  

I’m 100% confident that I will reach the point that the Squatches will one day simply walk into camp, sit down, and eat their Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly sandwiches after I hand it to them.  My son, Grady, will be able to play with the Juvenile Squatch while I’m allowed to hold the Toddler on my lap.

Finally, because of the development of “TRUST over TIME”, I will eventually be able to video tape cutting hair from the Squatches and swabbing the inside of their cheeks for DNA samples.  Then the world will have indisputable proof that the Bigfoot/Forest People exist without ever having to provide a dead body.  Afterwards, we can begin to take the appropriate steps to protect the Bigfoot/Forest People as well as their Habitats.  



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