Bigfoot Photo Bomb in our Washington Habituation Area (WAHA)

Posted by Matthew Johnson on Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bigfoot Photo Bomb In Our Washington Habituation Area (WAHA)

As many of you are aware, Cynthia and I were Photo Bombed by two Squatches in our Washington Habituation Area (WAHA) in May of 2013.

A5 A6 A7


Then we were Photo Bombed again in WAHA in February of 2014:

Highlighted Squatch                             20140216_132221

Highlighted Squatch3                             Follow Up Pic

Highlighted Squatch4                                                      Dr J Highlighted3



Then we shot a follow up video to show you the large flattened area where the Squatch was apparently sleeping when we disturbed him:



Well, today (March 27, 2014), our very good friend, Michael Beers (Former BFRO Investigator), provided us with a closer and cleaned up look of our Photo Bomb picture:

1        2        3

Is this majorly cool or what???!!!

If you follow the greenbelt behind our home in a southern direction, it will lead straight into the Mt Rainier National Forest.

DSC_0031                   WAHA View1                      20131013_122349

111 114 112

2011-09-05_14-38-21_702            20131107_132101              425532_2977201782432_703621701_n


joe_rogan_questions_everything_fan                                  DSC_0096

Joe Rogan visits our Washington Habituation Area (WAHA)


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