Dr. J’s Bigfoot Encounter


    •  BFRO Report: Oregon psychologist observes a creature resembling Bigfoot about 60 feet away while hiking on a trail with his family
    • John Freitas of Bigfoot Research Organization reviews the tape he made of Dr. Matthew Johnson telling about his Bigfoot encounter. 
    • Daily Courier goes in depth about the emotional sight that was Bigfoot
    • Animal X special accompany the Bigfoot Field Research Organisation (BFRO) to witness a startling discovery – a body imprint of a Bigfoot.
    • Stephen Fry meeting activists and Bigfoot believers          
    • USA Today reports on Bigfoot’s indelible imprint
    • Coast to Coast AM, George Noory’s experiences the re-telling of Dr. Matthew Johnson encounter while hiking

joe_rogan_questions_everything_fan Bigfoot Hot Spot Radio  Dr J



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    (Thom Cantrall and “Dr J”)                                             (Abe Del Rio and “Dr J”)                                  (Chris, “Dr J”, Alex E, Alex M, Jim)



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