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Dr Matthew A Johnson (“Dr J”) has been interviewed by numerous media companies since his family’s encounter with a Bigfoot on the mountain above the Oregon Caves National Monument Park on July 1, 2000.  “Dr J” is willing to share his story with your media company, including what he has learned since then during his subsequent research and habituation experiences.  At present, “Dr J” has HABITUATION AREAS in Southern Oregon and Western Washington.  As long as you’re willing to film a documentary and not a mockumentary, he’s willing provide everything you need to conduct a successful interview, including some very AWESOME audio files, Bigfoot casts, and pics.  You may contact “Dr J” at: DrMatthewJohnson@Yahoo.Com

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  (Please click on the pictures above to watch, listen, or read more information about Dr Johnson’s Bigfoot encounter and research)


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