Mission Statement



(BR: Scott Taylor, Rebecca Butello, Judy Faliski, Scott Arnestad, Beth Heikkinen
FR: Cynthia Kreitzberg, “Dr J”, and Steve Fisher)

OUR MISSION is to create a friendly environment to help bring together Researchers, Habituators, Armchair Enthusiasts, Lurkers, and Newbies, so we all can share our information, experiences, theories, and opinions with one another regarding the Bigfoot/Forest People phenomena.  There are no experts in the realm of Bigfootdom.  We all hold important pieces of the puzzle.  If we share our pieces with each other, then hopefully we will be able to put the puzzle together – one piece at a time.  Finally, our goal is to do our small part in helping to raise public awareness among the general population regarding the Bigfoot/Forest People phenomena so they can join us in solving the Sasquatch mystery.           


                                               (Debbie Lermond, Larry Backstrom, Ron Morehead, Beth Heikkinen, Scott Taylor)


                          TS-USA3                            TS-USA2  

                            (Loren Coleman and “Dr J”)                                   (“Dr J”, Cynthia Kreitzberg, and Howie Gordon)