Ten Simple Steps for improving your Bigfoot Research Results!!!

Posted by Matthew Johnson on Thursday, July 3, 2014


Ten Simple Steps for improving your Bigfoot Research Results!!!


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I’m the author ofPositive Parenting with a Plan and I’ve spoken in over 80 cities per year for over 10 years across the USA and Canada.  I also spoke at the World Family Therapy Conference in Porto, Portugal.  

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My Positive Parenting program is being used all over the world because it works really, really well.  Why does it work really, really well?  Because I used the “KISS” method when I developed my Positive Parenting program (KISS = Keep It Simple Silly).  


MyPositive Parenting program is easy to learn, simple to implement in the home, group home, or treatment center, and produces immediate and successful results if implemented “Correctly and Consistently” (i.e., The two “C” words).


I’ve worked in the Mental Health Field since 1982.  I’ve worked with thousands of people and I’ve trained thousands more around the world.  Most problems (not all problems) are created because people allow their emotions to run amock and, therefore, they make things more complicated than what they really should be (i.e., They tend to make mountains out of mole hills).

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While providing counseling services in my office, I simply help my clients to step off their self-created mountain so they can deal with the reality of their mole hill(s) in life.  I help them to apply the “KISS” method to their personal lives, marriage, and parenting.  Keeping it simply silly really, really works.


Now, let’s apply the “KISS” Method to Bigfoot Research

In a similar manner, many Bigfoot Researchers are experiencing limited success (i.e., Wood Knocks; Screams/Yells; Foot Prints; Scat Piles; etc.) because their emotions and egos are running amock and they’re not willing to consider other more successful approaches.  They’re not thinking rationally.  Like many of my clients have done in the past, they’re beating their heads against the proverbial brick wall over and over and over again and again and again.  They’re so emotionally worked up that they have difficulty seeing the simple solution.   

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Here are Ten Simple Steps for improving your Bigfoot Research Results!!!

1. Find an area where you think a Bigfoot/Forest People family might be living (i.e., Search the BFRO reports data base; Read your local papers for reports; Ask other Bigfoot Researchers if they have any leads; etc.).

2. Thoroughly scour the area looking for signs of the Bigfoot/Forest people (i.e., Tracks; Tree Snaps; Tree/Stick Structures; Scat Piles; etc.).  Also, check out the area to see if it has the necessary resources to sustain a Bigfoot/Forest People family (i.e., Water source; Plant life; Animal life, etc.).  This may take days, weeks, or months.  In other words, it doesn’t make sense to go fishing where there are no fish, right?

3. Establish an easily accessible base camp (i.e., A logging road base camp so you can drive to it and simply unload your vehicle; Some place that doesn’t take much time or energy to hike into to; etc.).  The point being that if it’s easily accessible, then it will be easy for you to continually visit.  If your base camp takes way too much time and effort to visit, then you’ll eventually burnout and stop going there.  Also, your base camp must be in a “Fish Bowl” setting, closely surrounded by lots of high brush and trees so it’s easy for the Bigfoot/Forest People to approach your base camp.  At any given time, our SOHA Bigfoot/Forest People family can get within 10 to 15 feet of us.  DON’T BE AN AMBULANCE CHASER (i.e., Don’t go from one reported sighting to the next reported sighting to the next reported sighting to the next reported sighting, etc.).  Rather, have the discipline and persistence to stay in one area and work it for years and years and years to come.  You will NEVER obtain the Paparazzi money shot.  Nothing comes quick and easy.  You must earn the trust of the Bigfoot/Forest People family.  It takes a lot of time to do so.

4. Keep your Research Team numbers small and diverse.  Try not to have any more than 4 or 5 people in your base camp at a time.  It’s good to diversify those in attendance (i.e., Male, female, adolescents, and/or children).  Your Research Team must consists of people with good hearts and open minds.  Much like a dog, the Squatches can sense who the negative A-holes are and they will keep their distance.  Don’t bring any negative people with you to your base camp.  Don’t be afraid to go SOLO too.  HOWEVER, it took me 13 years to build up the courage to go SOLO.  There’s really nothing to be afraid of regarding the Bigfoot/Forest People.  Finally, although I’ve brought over 25 people to SOHA over the past 8 years, I always try to keep my Research Team attendance numbers small.  If you’re serious about Bigfoot Research, then you won’t be hosting a Bigfoot Social Party in the middle of the woods.  Yes, they may check you out but they’ll never come in close with that many unpredictable people there.

5. Have lots of FUN!!!  Talk, laugh, play games, sing songs, whistle tunes, play instruments, juggle balls, etc.  Do anything that you can that will help the Bigfoot/Forest People to conclude that you’re not a threat and that you’re actually entertaining to watch.  The Bigfoot/Forest People love, love, love music (DO NOT play irritating Heavy Metal music).  We have a base camp song that we constantly sing and whistle so they know it’s us.  Hopefully, one day, we will hear them attempt to sing or whistle it back to us.

6. Find a spot about 150 feet away from your base camp and start placing “Gifting Bowls” there every night just before the sun sets.  Make sure that they large metal dog food bowls so you can fit lots of Creamy Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly sandwiches in them along with other food products (Wheat bread NOT White bread).  Speaking of BREAD, it has taken me awhile to finally figure out that our SOHA Bigfoot/Forest People family really prefer BREAD PRODUCTS (i.e, PB&J sandwiches, Bagels, Donuts, Fig Newtons, Cheese Bread Sticks; Cinnamon Rolls, etc.).  Every night, clean the Gifting Bowls while wearing surgical gloves.  Then retrieve them in the morning just after sunrise while also wearing surgical gloves.  If there are finger smudges or finger prints on the “Gifting Bowls”, they won’t be yours and they won’t belong to a Squirrel, Deer, Raccoon, Elk, Bear, Cougar, Coyote, Wolf, etc.  Also, consider placing Double Sided Tape on the inside and outside of the “Gifting Bowls” to see if you can obtain any possible Bigfoot/Forest People hair samples for DNA analysis.  FYI: We have place vegetables, fruit, and meat (cooked and uncooked) and our SOHA Bigfoot/Forest People family won’t take it.  They’re only interested in the BREAD PRODUCTS.  Please keep in mind that I’ve been in SOHA for 8 years now.  It took the SOHA Bigfoot/Forest People 5 years before they were willing to start taking the food that I was leaving them.  Patience is a virtue.

7. Establish a “NO LIGHTS” policy in your base camp at night.  Keep your base camp pitch dark (i.e., No campfires, No Lanterns, No Flashlights, etc.).  Light repels the Bigfoot/Forest People.  If you consistently keep your base camp pitch dark night after night after night after night…… then the Bigfoot/Forest People will feel more comfortable/safe to approach your camp as close as they can get without actually stepping into your base camp.  You will hear them moving around and you will see their silhouettes and eye glow.

8. Absolutely no use of invasive high tech equipment.  In other words, do not hang Trail Cams on trees around your camp.  It’s not because they know what a camera is, rather, it’s because they know its’ something weird hanging on a tree in their home and, therefore, they going to avoid it (i.e., Trail Cams = Squatch Repellent).  HOWEVER, the use of passive technology from within your base camp appears to work just fine (i.e., Parabolic Microphone Dish to record sounds; Thermal Imaging Video Camera; Night Vision Camera without Infrared Light ….. the Squatches can see Infrared Light and will avoid it).

9. Sleep out in the open on sleeping cots.  They’re more comfortable if you use 4-inch foam pads on top of them.  Once everyone is sound asleep (i.e., Breathing heavy and/or snoring), the Squatches will whack a nearby tree or a water jug in your base camp to see if they can get a startle response out of one of your Research Team members.  If no one responds, the Bigfoot/Forest People will come into your base camp within 10 to 15 minutes afterwards and check things out.  If you’re sleeping out in the open, they will come check you out too.

10. NO GUNS!!!  The Bigfoot/Forest People are NOT dangerous.  I’ve been out there for 14 years in four different research areas.  I have woken up ALIVE every morning.  If the Bigfoot/Forest People were dangerous, I would be dead a hundred times over.  I keep a loaded 44 mag in my Suburban for Bear, Cougar, and Stupid Humans – NOT for the Bigfoot/Forest People.


There are many other things that you can do to improve your Bigfoot Research results but the above ten recommendations will get you started.  The most important thing is that you establish a protocol/routine that you repeat every time you’re there.  Routine makes you predictable.  Predictability over time makes you trustworthy.  Trust fosters friendship and increased interactions over time.  If you would like to learn more, please consider joining our Facebook group (Team Squatchin USA) or go to our website:



Big Hairy Hugs!!!

Dr Matthew A Johnson
(“Dr J”)

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