Todd Standing: Legit Bigfoot Researcher or Hoaxer?

Posted by Matthew Johnson on Monday, May 5, 2014

Todd Standing: Legit Bigfoot Researcher or Hoaxer?



Recently, there’s been a lot of confusion circulating around in Bigfootdom regarding Todd Standing and whether or not he’s a legit Bigfoot Researcher or a Hoaxer.  After reading many postings from various credible Bigfoot Researchers in many different Bigfoot groups, I’ve concluded that the confusion exists because he appears to be a nice blend of BOTH.  He appears to have some legit Bigfoot evidence mixed in with some various obvious HOAXINGS……




Then there’s Steve Kulls’ work (The Squatch Detective) which clearly revealed that “Blinky” is a HOAX (Please click on the two pictures below to find out more information about Steve Kull’s analysis):



Then there’s Phil Poling’s work (Para Breakdown) that reveals who’s really “Blinking” in Todd Standing’s video (Please click on the picture below to learn more about Phil Poling’s analysis):


Then there’s the obvious Muppet Eskimo Face that Todd Standing would like us all to believe is an actual Bigfoot/Forest Person.  PLEASE!!!  Since July 1, 2000, I’ve seen a few Bigfoot/Forest People.  No, they don’t all look alike.  No two Humans look alike.  HOWEVER, I can guarantee you 100% that absolutely no Bigfoot/Forest Person looks like a Muppet Eskimo.  The ONLY REASON anyone would consider the picture below to be legitimate is if you’ve NEVER seen a Bigfoot/Forest Person.

Muppet Eskimo Face

Then there’s Cliff Barackman’s analysis of Todd Standing’s work.  Although Cliff is spot on regarding Todd Standing’s HOAX, he also reveals some of his own lack of knowledge and inexperience related to the Bigfoot/Forest People (i.e., He obviously isn’t familiar with the Habituation Method and how it increases the frequency of interactions with the Bigfoot/Forest People;  Also, Cliff claims to be thinking outside of the box, yet he still thinks that the Bigfoot/Forest People are “ANIMALS”;  Finally, his use of Infrared Lighting displays a lack of knowledge regarding the FACT that the Bigfoot/Forest People can see Infrared Light):



The problem with Todd Standing appears to be that he blends some legitimate work with a whole lot of HOAXING.  That would be like Derek Randles, Bart Curtino, or me blending Muppet Eskimo Faces and Animatronic Blinking Heads with our legitimate evidence that the three of us have presented to the public over the years.  

In conclusion, please do your research on the internet and find out what other legitimate Bigfoot Researchers think about the evidence before you leap to a premature and inaccurate conclusion.  

Contemplating Bigfoot

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